Om Padmo Ushnisha Vimale Hum Phat Mantra?


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Translation of This mantra (quote, life)
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Hello, I found this mantra somewhere in the web, But i am not getting the meaning of this mantra. Can Anyone translate these?THank YouNamaste.

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Well, namaste is not a Buddhist term anyway, so there"s that. Perhaps if you"re Pure Land, & if anyone can satisfactorily enlighten me that Pure Land is what Siddharta taught, well, that"s yet khổng lồ happen. It is most likely a Hindu term, which is where Sid started from. He moved on. The historical Teaching Buddha taught a discipline for, & to, monks (w/ few exceptions, I guess. I wasn"t there), so who knows? I could be wrong. I had that experience of being wrong way back in ....oh, probably 3 minutes ago.It"s a wish fulfilling chant. Not part of my Zen of course, but the Tibetan lineage probably uses it. They use a LOT of stuff. If you want a precise translation, good luck. Too many words bởi vì not translate exactly. Translations are good for getting the flavor of the original. Find a good teacher, và they should be able to bring you up khổng lồ speed w/ that, probably w/ only a look :>Getting what you wish thank you. I wouldn"t fool around w/ mantras w/o an authentic teacher. The Tantric practice is very powerful, và even w/ a teacher one has lớn be very careful. BUT, if you wish lớn use it as a size of meditative chanting khổng lồ get the body going, maybe. Intention is important. I think that sticking to lớn one lineage is advised by almost every lineage, and for a reason. The differences between them are considerable, and the crossover maybe not so much. Better lớn have one teacher in one lineage too, if possible. So me, I just sorta understand Zen. That takes up all of my time and life.